Title Location Objectives Year
Direct measurements show decreasing methane emissions from natural gas local distribution systems in the United States North America, Central America and the Caribbean Objective 2 2015
Emission verification from national to local levels using top-down approaches: sampling strategy and modeling performances Africa; Asia; South America; North America, Central America and the Caribbean; South-West Pacific; Europe Objective 1; Objective 3 2011
Emissions and topographic effects on column CO2 variations, with a focus on the Southern California megacity North America, Central America and the Caribbean Objective 3 2017
Emissions of CH4 and N2O over the United States and Canada based on a receptor‐oriented modeling framework and COBRA‐NA atmospheric observations North America, Central America and the Caribbean Objective 1 2008
Enhanced methane emissions during Amazonian drought by biomass burning South America Objective 4 2016
Estimates of CO2 fluxes over the city of Cape Town, South Africa, through Bayesian inverse modelling Africa Objective 3 2018
Estimating CO2 emissions from point sources: a case study of an isolated power station South-West Pacific Objective 2 2014
Estimating emissions of HCFC-22 and CFC-11 in China by atmospheric observations and inverse modeling Asia Objective 1 2012
Estimating European emissions of ozonedepleting and greenhouse gases using observations and a modeling back-attribution technique Europe Objective 4 2003
Estimating the size of a methane emission point source at different scales: From local to landscape Europe Objective 2 2017