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IG3IS Second Symposium & User Summit

The IG3IS Second Symposium & User Summit will take place in WMO Secretariat - Geneva, Switzerland, the week of 26th October 2020.

The recent release of the WMO Greenhouse Gases Bulletin evinces the urgent need to take the most effective actions to reduce emissions and tackle climate change.

IG3IS -Transcom workshop and IG3IS science team Meeting

The Integrated Global Greenhouse Gas Information System (IG3IS) - Transcom workshop and IG3IS science team Meeting will be held in Paris, France from 15-18 October 2019. The venue will be:

Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris

Boulevard Jourdan 17

75014 Paris, France

Encore! IG3IS/UNFCCC Side Event at COP-24

Are you unable to attend our side event co-hosted with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in room Bieszczady titled, "Innovative Atmospheric observation-based tools to support climate mitigation action" on Tuesday, 4 December? Well do not worry, because there will be an encore running of the event at the WMO/IPCC Pavilion on Wednesday, 5 December. Just like Tuesday, the Wednesday event will explore top down assessment of mitigation action, methodologies which can be added to currently available bottom up methodologies in order to reduce uncertainty associated with greenhouse gas emission information. Make sure to attend to become a part of the conversation!