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The First IG3IS Symposium and User Summit Paves the Path Forward

This week, IG3IS hosted its first Symposium and User Summit on 13 - 15 November in Geneva, Switzerland. The meeting brought together key users from a number of different sectors in order to engage in three-day dialogue with technical developers of IG3IS information.

Registration Open for the First IG3IS Symposium and User Summit

IG3IS is pleased to officially announce that registration for the first IG3IS Symposium and User Summit is open to the public. Limited seats are available, so register now with this form to reserve a spot! Financial assistance is available but it is limited. Registration officially closes on 26 October. For more information, read our symposium concept below.


IG3IS Urban/Subnational Science Team Meeting

Following the completion of the successful IG3IS/TRANSCOM meeting this week, IG3IS hosted a meeting for its science team members working on urban and subnational projects which was open to all participants from the IG3IS/TRANSCOM meeting. This gathering was used to discuss the first IG3IS Symposium and User Summit, and the possibility of IG3IS publications focused on what the team has learned with IG3IS pilot projects thus far.

IG3IS/TransCom Workshop: Panel Discusses Engaging Stakeholders

This week, at the IG3IS/TransCom Inverse Modelling of Greenhouse Gas Fluxes from Atmosphere Observations Workshop, the two communities are coming together to not only update each other on recent advancements of technologies and methods in the inverse modeling field, but also, to discuss how these techniques can be successfully applied to and used by stakeholder communities. Following two days of presentations, IG3IS and TransCom sought to begin these important conversations through a panel discussion entitled Science to Services Partnership.

IG3IS/TransCom Workshop: Discusses Developing Cross Cutting Activities

Following this morning’s panel discussion aimed at developing strategies for engaging stakeholders, Dr. Thomas Lauvaux of the Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l’Environnement - Institut Pierre Simon Laplace (LSCE-IPSL) and Dr. Sander Houweling of the Netherlands Institute for Space Research (SRON) led a discussion on implementing these strategies through IG3IS’ cross-cutting activities.

LACCF 2018: IG3IS Side Event a Success

The IG3IS side event on Wednesday, August 22nd at the Latin American and Caribbean Carbon Forum (LACCF) made a strong case for IG3IS' applicability in the Latin American region as a scientific support service for carbon reduction policies both nationally and subnationally.

IG3IS to Participate in LACCF 2018

Following the acceptance by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Executive Council of the Science Implementation Plan as the benchmark of methodologies for atmospheric measurement and attribution of greenhouse gas emissions, IG3IS is ready to help guide emission-reduction actions with cutting edge science across the globe in order to support the goals of the Paris Agreement.